Our Approach

A Very Positive
Learning Environment

Providing an inviting, enriching, and fun environment where children feel appreciated and where they know they belong. Our goal is to have them feel great about themselves at the end of the day, eager and excited to come back to learn and grow.

Teaching Essential Skills
for School and Life

From making new friends to learning how to share, behave and learn in a class environment ... these vital skills are all learned at this critical stage. We do everything that we can to fully prepare them to succeed and thrive here and in kindergarten.

Activity-based Standards-
oriented Learning

Everyday we read books, and learn letters and numbers and words. We sing. We express ourselves with art, with lots of physical movement, and we play (both indoors and outdoors). In short, we follow Idaho Preschool Guidelines, and so much more!

Preparing for
Kindergarten and
for Life-long