Through Their Eyes

Today in my four year old class we were talking about growing up. They sure do see the world through their own eyes! Michael wanted everyone to know he was four. Of course, Racheal jumped in, “I’m four too!”, “Me too!”, “Me too … I just turned four” said Jake with three fingers up, then five fingers and then finally four. Two more shouted out their age.

Then Michael said to me rather pointedly with absolute confidence: “You’re seventy!”😄

Hey … It’s all relative. At least I keep telling myself that. 😂 Man, I sure do love preschool!

What Do Unicorns Taste Like?

One of the most fun things about working with kids is seeing how they are part of an ecosystem created by a society where there are trending styles, memes, and common interests that are just as impactful for them as they are for adults.

This morning one of my sweet pupils came in fine form singing nursery songs as if she were Elsa herself. I love that kind of confidence and particularly fixed on unicorns as a theme.

“What is your favorite animal?”

“Unicorn puppies.”

“I’m a unicorn ballerina.”

“I’m a ballerina Unicorn.”

Eventually the topic changed to bragging about how good each kid’s apple tasted.

“This apple is so good it tastes like lollypops.”

“My apple is so good it tastes like cotton candy.”

“My apple is so good it tastes like UNICORNS!”

And nobody thought that was weird.

So apparently unicorns taste like delicious apples. 🙂


The Only Vegetable I Eat

I love the way children see the world. Sometimes we forget everything they have to learn, that sometimes similar things get grouped as one in their mind all with the same meaning, with the funniest results. Today I asked one of the kids “Do you eat vegetables?” His answer was quick and serious. “No. The only vegetables I eat is toast. With Jam.” 🙂