Melissa is pretty much a miracle worker! She helped my twin boys who were extremely shy and scared to go to preschool turn into lovers of preschool....excited to go and enjoying every minute of it! She was kind and patient and so good with them! As an added bonus, she was able to get them to read, which they would not do for me even though I tried. Melissa truly has a gift for teaching preschoolers. 

Amy Bjorkman

My daughter loved Miss Melissa and she felt loved by her. It made all the difference for her to gain confidence and be excited to learn. My daughter flourished this past year and I know the biggest reason for that was Miss Melissa. She always stayed in contact with me and made extra effort to meet the needs of my daughter. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Melissa was so caring and nurturing with my son. He was recently adopted, going through a lot of big challenges, and her preschool was a safe place for him to land. She was so kind and understanding with him, me, and our unusual circumstance.

Dedicated Mother

Melissa is the sweetest person ever and so patient with little ones. I wish she could teach my son for life. We love her! She is amazing and she does a great job. My son always came home singing a new song and a huge smile on his face. I was impressed at all the things she taught my four-year-old. Highly recommend!!

Courtney Scott

My son absolutely loved Melissa's preschool. He looked forward to it and would talk about it when he wasn't there. It was apparent to me that Melissa loved her students and cared for their learning and success in her class. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone.

Suzy Hicks

Miss Melissa is so awesome! Our little guy has been going for two years and every class was a new fun adventure.
My child grew exponentially in language, math, even reading and we feel he is very well prepared for kindergarten. She has been a dear friend, Lucas asks about her almost everyday and tells us he misses her and always want to send her messages. I definitely recommend her preschool, in fact it was a turning point for my son to liking school again.
Thanks Melissa for all you do, you really make a difference in our kiddos lives!

Emily and Diego Rodrigues

Melissa did a wonderful job teaching my son and creating a loving/enriching environment to learn in!

Julie Shelton